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 See Also: [[https://​​d/​msg/​power-racing-series/​RZWqTzyIMV4/​3MNO_VjFBPEJ|Brakes! A more technical discussion]] See Also: [[https://​​d/​msg/​power-racing-series/​RZWqTzyIMV4/​3MNO_VjFBPEJ|Brakes! A more technical discussion]]
 +===== Brake Test =====
 +During qualifying you will need to pass the brake test. You do your qualifying lap as fast as you can and you'll then need to stop in time. We set a marker X number of feet past the finish line and if you can't stop before it, you fail.
 ===== Brake Lights ===== ===== Brake Lights =====
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