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SLA Batteries

Most SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries will be 12 volt batteries. If you are running at 24 volts you'll need two batteries, etcs It's pretty simple math. Some teams build “battery packs” consisting of multiple batteries connected to each other in series, with just two exposed connections which can make charging and swapping batteries a little easier.

Desired Voltage Number of 12v SLAs

Leaf Cells

Note that Leaf Cells tend to come in packs that are 7.3 volts each, so you'll need to do the math (see below). Leaf Cells should be assembled into packs that contains cells connected in series and provide just two exposed connections for charging and connecting.

Desired Voltage Actual Voltage Number of 7.3v Leaf Modules

From Patrick, we need to add this in:

6 cells - 30 amp fuse
5 cells - 40 amp fuse
4 cells - 50 amp fuse
3 cells - 70 amp fuse
2 cells - 100 amp fuse
1 cell - 250 amp fuse and a dunce cap


Voltages Amps Digikey Part # Series
48v30A Fuse#F7139-NDBF1 series
36v40A Fuse#F3089-NDMIDI series*
36v40A Fuse#F6792-NDBF1 series*
28.8v50A Fuse#F3090-NDMIDI series
24v60A Fuse#F3091-NDMIDI series
18v80A Fuse#F3092-NDMIDI series
12v125A Fuse#F1879-NDMIDI series

*Note that at 36v you can choose either the F3089-ND or F6792-ND fuse.

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