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Your car needs bumpers!

Paraphrased, from the Rules: “All teams are required to have front and rear bumper-like structures that are between 4 and 6 inches from the ground. The bumpers should be firmly attached to your frame. Teams should construct their front and rear bumpers out of a 2×4 or something of the like.”

When you are attaching a wooden bumper to your car, DO NOT USE SCREWS. When your bumper breaks or falls off, it may have screws sticking out of it. This is bad for tires and people! Use bolts instead. They are less stabby. As a general rule of thumb, your bumpers are supposed to be not stabby, but especially not stabby for the barricades that line the race track.

Cartastrophe has pretty much treated their front wooden bumper as a consumable item, and replaces it all the time. This seems to be a good approach. Cartastrophe says: “We have 4 bolts to hold on the 2×4. A new bumper is always just a matter of 1 cut, and 4 holes drilled.”

Basically you want rounded and/or breakable bumpers that will not harm things (most importantly the barricades) and/or people.

What else you got? Add more bumper info here!

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