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Failed Weld - possible bad weld wire (filler metal) or low amperage

August 17, 2014

JP: Quality welding wire makes a HUGE difference! I was shocked at the difference in splatter, arc striking, and porosity…. You should apologize to your bed rails right now. August 17 at 12:48pm · Like · 1

SN: Clean your Steel until it's shiny and grease free! MIG welding does not like rust, dirt, paint or oil on the steel. If you're using gas make sure you use enough and there is no wind to blow the gas away. You can actually hear the difference in the sound of the weld if it is dirty or there is not enough gas. It makes a hollow popping sound, instead of the sound of Bacon frying. August 17 at 2:59pm · Edited · Like · 3

RF: If you only have a 120V MIG, I've had better luck doing structural weld with C02 than an argon mix. It welds a lot hotter, so be careful or you'll burn through, but gets good penetration with the lower current. August 17 at 8:03pm · Like

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