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Steering is a crucial component you must get pretty close to right for you to have a good time at your race weekend.

The way you will want to design your steering is going to depend on your drivetrain; primarily if you have a live or dead axle.

For a dead axle build, it is not nearly as crucial for you to make sure the angles of your steering assembly are appropriate, but you can increase or decrease your ease of turning and turning radius.

For a live axle build, it is crucial that the inner rear wheel lifts off the ground during a turn. this effect is achieved in go-karts through the implementation of Ackermann, or Ackermann-like steering geometry, which is the purposeful changing of the particular angles the front wheels turn through: Caster, Camber, Toe, and King-pin Inclination.

  • Refer to This Website with a very helpful guide on steering geometry or This Modified Spreadsheet that Jeremy edited that helps calculate steering angles in 3D.
  • Read up about this elsewhere on the internet (there are many resources out there about it.)
  • Ask questions on the PPPRS Facebook Group (lots of knowledgeable folks)
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