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Awesome Blog Posts

Here's where we collect blog posts that can assist with your own build.

Milwaukee Makerspace

Santa Barbara Hackerspace

Maker Project Lab

CCBC (FabLab Baltimore)

Matt Malham

Krix Team Racing


721st Mechanized Contest Battalion

Bluth Stair Car (formerly "Duck", formerly "Noah Way")


Charles has written approximately 1,000 blog posts about Chibi-Mikuvan, and you can read them all on his blog.

Frozen Chainsaw Massacre

The MITER folks expand their Kart Kollection and add chainsaws. No, really… 40v chainsaws powered this thing. Sort of.

Barbie Maker Vette & Glitch Candy Kart

The folks at The Maker Station built two cars, and this is a wiki page not blog post, but whatever. Go read it.


The MITERS kids at MIT showed up to their first real race in July 2014 with an Atomic Jeep that was super-loud and actually went fairly fast despite all the issues they had.

Lotusaurus Wrecks

Audrey's notes on her “Tyranno-Car” which started in Milwaukee and ended up in Boston.

DIY Wheel Hubs

How the team at Milwaukee Makerspace made their own hubs using a laser cutter, Aluminum casting, and a lathe.

(The posts below are pre-2014 and do not fit within the current PPPRS Rules of today, so keep that in mind when reading. Still lots of good info, though!)


Sector67 gave a great overview of Fauxrarri after the 2012 season.


Red Lotus

A look at some body work on Red Lotus for the 2013 season.

Jake N Stein

Tom covers every motor he's ever put into (Big) Jake N Stein.

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