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At some point it was decided that Sweet Ramps would allow for Sweet Jumps.

Here's a write-up from Brice of Baltimore Burners:

As there has been interest (From Jim, mostly) in using ramps in every corner at every race, here's my ramp dimensions in case anyone wants to build a ramp for testing/racing/sweet stunts.

Ramp Surface: 48” wide x 42” Long 1/2” plywood.

Transitional Edge: 48” wide by 8” (6” should work) long 16 gauge steel, with 3” overhanging the edge

Ramp Support: 4x Diagonally cut 2×8, from 0 to 6” wide, 42” long and then trimmed back 1/2” or so to size. 3x 6” wide lumber, approx 14” long - to close off open face + add rigidity.

Screw it all together+paint.

Our ramp has a 3” overhang to hide a propane reservoir, so the center two ribs were cut short and slightly shorter 14” 2×6's were used.

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