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Are you a Noob?

Know the difference between Formula One and Indy Car Racing? When is the last time you drove a go kart? Are you more interested in heat transfer and thermodynamics of motors than in operating motors? If you had to think for even a second about answering these questions, then you are noob. No worries, we all started as noobs at some point. Some of us later than others.

The info in this section aims to help you get up to speed faster so that you can have more fun building a car and racing and help keep you safe on the track to minimize the chances of getting plowed over by one of the seasoned vets coming up to lap you during your first Sprint race.

Racing & Driving Tips

  • Racing Line - The most efficient line around the curves and bends of the race track
  • Colored Flags
  • Pit Lane/Pit Stops
  • Qualifying run
  • Starting Line & Timing Truss
  • What to do when your car gets stuck during a race

Building Tips

  • Use Anderson Powerpoles for your DC power circuit connections. Use the proprietary crimp tool. You will thank me later.
  • Discarded metal bed frames make good chassis frames. Can be welded or bolted together. Square tubing is also easier to weld than round tubing (easier to fit up and weld prep)
  • Tolerances (No.8): Measure carefully. Have some tolerance. You know what tolerance is? If something fits tightly into something–that's a close tolerance. If something fits loosely, that's a loose tolerance. Knowing the difference between tight and loose tolerance is perhaps the most important measure of a craftsperson.
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