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Running a Race

So you want to run a race? Here's where you start…

Read this document: How to run a Power Racing Series Race

Shopping List

Here's the list of things Maker Faire Milwaukee bought… YMMV, and I'll explain more later.


You can certainly make your own, but we wanted them fast and had other things to do. (We used PVC pipe for the handles and zip ties to attach the flags.)


More info on fuses. For Milwaukee we knew what cars were coming so we did not buy every kind of fuse possible.)


  • Transpoders - Let them know you are using them for the Power Racing Series. It will be a kit you need to assemble. (Just some LEDs and battery connector to solder on.) Note: Supposedly we can make our own… there's a link somewhere with Arduino code and a schematic!
  • Duracell Procell 9 Volt Batteries,12 count pack of 2 - Multiply the number of cars times two for a two day event, and then get a few more. We give each car one battery each day. Note that Orlando has used rechargeable 9 volt batteries.)


In Milwaukee we did not have Burke designed medals, so we made our own. Your quantity of Acrylic may be dependent on how many medals you need. (There's a formula somewhere.) Obviously you need a laser cutter to make them. Note that we should update this as Patrick uses different color & thicker material. YMMV.


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